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IND’N’GO®: patented repositionable adhesive for sports floors

Discover in 1 minute 30 minutes how to apply our repositionable adhesive with the help of the video tutorial. Simple, fast, economical, IND’N’GO® can be applied without any difficulty and on all smooth surfaces: parquet, PVC floors such as Taraflex®, Gerflor®…


Guaranteed for a minimum of 5 uses

If you respect the recommendations for use, you can use the same sticker 5x to 10x during the season. Guaranteed savings!


Approved for top-level sport

If you respect the recommendations for use, you can use the same sticker 5x to 10x during the season. Guaranteed savings!

Leaves no glue residue

After several years of development, our repositionable adhesive leaves no traces of glue on floors and does not damage parquet varnishes.

Installs itself without a technician

Its thickness and rigidity make it an adhesive that can be applied without any difficulty, without apparent bubbles.
No more need for professional help!

100% customizable

As with any communication support, we print your visuals in high definition. Our graphic studio is also able to produce your designs for you.

Custom format possible

Round shapes: central basketball, futsal, handball or rectangular banner type, all formats are possible.


Designed and patented for high level sports, this revolutionary repositionable adhesive has become
in less than 6 years, THE REFERENCE for sports flooring adhesive in France and abroad.

The advantages of IND’N’GO® patented technology:
> Can be repositioned and reused 5x, 10x … (guaranteed 5 uses minimum)
> Excellent resistance, does not deform
> Adheres perfectly to any surface: parquet, PVC floors such as Taraflex®, Gerflor®, Mondo®…
> Leaves no trace of glue on floors
> Approved for high-level sports practice: anti-slip meets European standards (Certificate of conformity and civil liability provided)

Approved for use in top-level sports, the materials have been scientifically tested and are certified with a structured anti-slip protective film certified to DIN 51130 and BGR 181. Certified R9 non-slip for indoor AND outdoor use. The substrates are also subject to strict quality controls according to QS 9000 and DIN EN ISO 9001. Today, the quality and reliability of IND’N’GO® adhesive is unrivalled.

> Beware of counterfeits!

IND’N’GO® is a product and a trademark registered at the INPI. We strive to constantly monitor and fight against counterfeiting. Any copy will be prosecuted and sanctioned without exception by the competent authorities.


> How to recognize an IND’N’GO® repositionable adhesive ?

> An IND’N’GO® sticker must have the mention : ” IND’N’GO® certified | Patent n° FR 2 959 338-B1 ” visible on each sticker.
> Only one distributor in Europe is approved for IND’N’GO®: Nakara Sport in Strasbourg.


innovative. | reliable. | economic.

Patented technology
anti-slip. | indeformable. | approved for top-level sport. | 100% customizable. | no glue residuee. | reusable.

IND'N'GO® more than 6 years of research & development! Download our documentation

Nothing to say about repositionable stickers. They meet our expectations. The quality is top!
Of course you need transparent tape to stick the edges after several uses.

Responsable Marketing & Communication


We have been trusting Nakara for 2 seasons for our needs in repositionable stickers.
Nakara delivers us these products which are perfectly adapted to our logistics on match days at the Palais des Sports, i.e. assembly/disassembly during the day.
The products have a perfect look for our sponsors and allow us to hold a half season with the same Sticker without any problem.
If some Stickers can be damaged during a season (especially dirt), Nakara stays tuned and offers us solutions to maintain a correct fixing.

Thierry OELKER
Director of Development


High performance product on our parquet floor.
We have been using it for several seasons and are very satisfied with it.

Philippe DULIEU
Sales Manager, SIG Strasbourg


In three words: solid, really repositionable 🙂
More seriously: no problem with gluing and repositioning!…Otherwise my volunteers would have put it in my nose 😉

Sales & Marketing Director

USDK dunkerque handball


Montpellier Handball uses for all these competitions the repositionable stickers supplied by Nakara for 3 years now. Thick, durable and resistant, these stickers are a sure value to ensure the best visibility for our partners on our events but also adequate for a sporting practice while meeting the specifications of the biggest competitions.

Communication Manager MHB

Montpellier Handball

Contrairement à eux, vous n'utilisez pas encore IND'N'GO®, Pourquoi ?

Utilisez le sticker IND'N'GO® et profitez d'une solution innovante qui vous fera faire d'importantes économies ! Essayez IND'N'GO®